BigLeash Remote Trainer

Because dogs will be dogs

Dogs love to run and jump. Dogs love to dig. Sometimes they bark and sometimes they don’t come when you call. A BigLeash® can help with that.

Correction remote trainer with receiver and lights

S-15 Remote Trainer


Remote Trainers let you send a signal from a handheld transmitter to a receiver collar worn by your dog. The signal gets the dog’s attention and can be used to teach and reinforce training commands and to change undesirable behaviors.

The BigLeash® is a safe and effective training tool with more user-friendly features than other remote trainers. It is the only remote trainer with digital FM technology and exclusive ‘In-Touch’™ two-way communication between the hand-held transmitter and the dog’s receiver collar. A second dog can easily be added and separate settings can be saved for each dog.


Transmitter and receiver
Black collar strap
Battery charger
Y-cord (so both units may be charged at the same time)
Contact posts (two sets, long & short)
Test light / Contact post tool
Neck lanyard
Owner’s Guide

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a remote trainer?

Remote training devices enable remote communication with your pet. If used correctly, they provide reinforcement of your commands and aid in correcting unwanted behaviors. These devices offer the ability to train your dog using precise timing and consistency, which are crucial for effective training.

There are two basic components to a remote training system: a handheld “transmitter” and a “receiver” which is worn on a dog collar.

The transmitter sends a radio signal to a special receiver on the dog’s collar. The receiver on the collar “communicates” to your dog through a set of two stainless steel posts. The posts are part of the receiver collar and they are in contact with your dog’s neck.

You can use the remote trainer to send a wide range of training messages to your pet. Depending on the training situation, the training message may be delivered as:

 An audible tone or a vibration

 A brief stimulation* (1 second)

 A constant stimulation (up to 8 seconds)

The training message from the dog’s receiver collar can get your dog’s attention or distract him from an unwanted behavior. By obeying your obedience command or by stopping the undesired behavior, your dog quickly learns to avoid and/or stop tone or sensation which is delivered by the receiver collar.

* “Stimulation” may also be referred to as “correction”, “training stimulation”, “training correction”, “training signal”; or “shock”

The “stimulation” from the collar is intended to distract your dog by delivering an unpleasant but harmless sensation similar to the static shock you receive touching a metal door knob after after walking across a carpet in your socks.

The BigLeash training collar provides you with multiple stimulation levels. Most dog trainers find they can achieve their desired results using a low intensity stimulation, often barely perceptible to humans. All BigLeash models also include an audible signal or vibration which allows you to condition your dog to associate the audible tone or vibration with the training correction, thus eliminating the need for the stimulation altogether.

The BigLeash includes both audible and vibration training options.

DogWatch, Inc. provides a 2 year limited warranty on the transmitter and receiver for both parts and labor from the date of purchase.

DogWatch, Inc. provides a 1 year warranty on parts and labor for batteries from the date of purchase.

Accessories such as chargers and splitter cables carry a 1 year warranty.

Warranty does not cover repairs or replacement due to misuse by the owner or dog, improper maintenance or lost units.

Water damage on transmitters that are “water resistant” is not covered under warranty and subject to repair charges.

The warranty is void if the unit has been altered or an unauthorized person has attempted repair work.

Warranty is non-transferable.

The appropriate age depends on the dog and his readiness for training. Your dog needs to have a basic understanding of what is expected of him and he must understand basic commands. Some trainers recommend waiting until the dog is five or six months old; others will train younger dogs if they understand the basic commands.

In addition to having 15 training levels plus audible and vibration modes, the BigLeash can be set to “0” stimulation level so that you will not accidentally send a correction when you have the collar on the dog but are not actively using the trainer. Additionally, the BigLeash includes an automatic shut-off feature that limits the continuous stimulation to 8 seconds.


5 Adjustable Settings

The 5 adjustable settings include a vibration setting, 3 stimulation settings and a Progressive setting that begins with Vibration and gradually progresses from Low to High if the dog continues to pull.

Progressive Levels

When the dog pulls, the level of the vibration or stimulation (for that setting) gradually increases. When the dog stops pulling, the SideWalker resets to the lowest level for that setting.

Long-lasting Battery

The long-lasting, easy-to-recharge battery typically stays charged for several days.

Low battery indicator

Lets you know when it is time to recharge.

Lightweight, waterproof

Because dogs will be dogs.