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Freedom, Safety, and Peace of Mind

Setting the standard for safety and reliability, the ProFence is our most popular outdoor electric dog fence. It features our exclusive SafeLink® FM technology and the longest collar battery life of any electric dog fence on the market in the industry (2 years)! And with 20 customizable settings, the ProFence works for every dog and yard.

ProFence system with receivers


With DogWatch’s patented SafeLink® FM digital technology, you can have complete confidence in the safety and security of your electric dog fence. Our innovative FM digital signal provides maximum protection against false activation caused by stray radio signals, making our hidden fence the most secure option. Unlike other brands that rely on AM technology and are prone to interference, DogWatch’s FM digital technology is the clear choice for reliable and effective pet containment.


DogWatch offers the fastest reaction time in the industry. If your dog runs towards the boundary, our receivers will react with a warning signal well before your pet reaches the wire, not while traveling over it, ensuring their safety and protection at all times.


Our patented AutoMemory feature automatically adjusts the correction level after the initial boundary challenge. Upon a boundary challenge with the receiver set to 4, 5, or 6, AutoMemory will adjust the receiver to the next highest level and stay at that level until your pet leaves the boundary alone for a consecutive 24 hours. After those 24 hours, AutoMemory will then adjust the receiver back to its initial level. This self-adjusting feature will discourage future challenges.  


A simple look at our status light lets you know if your pet has been naughty or nice because the receiver is a little TattleTale. Single blink? What a good dog! Double blink? Uh oh, someone’s been naughty and challenged the electric dog fence boundary. You may need to increase the level of correction on the receiver. After your dog takes a 24-hour vacation from the boundary, the TattleTale will reset to a single flash again, letting you know you have a good dog. This patented safety feature gives you the peace of mind to know what your pet is up to. 

Longest Battery Life

DogWatch Hidden Fence collars have a longer battery life than all other brands of electric dog fences. Our standard R9 collar has a battery life of up to 2 years. The R9V (with the vibration feature) has a one-year battery, and our small R7mini (great for small dogs and cats) has a 6-month battery. Compare that to other brands that usually need a new battery every 3-4 months or have to be recharged every day (sometimes more than once/day). Fewer batteries are suitable for your wallet and better for the environment. It gives you one less thing to worry about because you know your pet is safe!

Receiver Status Light

You’re in the know with our unique status light.  It provides you with valuable information such as battery life and, more importantly, whether your pet recently challenged the electric dog fence. Armed with all this information, it helps you to contain your pet effectively. No more guessing!

Audible or Vibration Warning Alert

When your dog first enters the boundary area, the DogWatch receiver emits an audible warning signal to alert your dog he is approaching the forbidden zone. Well, what if your dog can’t hear very well?  We got that covered, too.  The R9V is a special receiver that will vibrate in place of the audible tone just for hearing-impaired dogs!  Either way, your pet is warned far before reaching the electric dog fence wire.

Insulated or GentleFit™ Contact Posts

We use insulated contact posts instead of solid stainless steel posts for pets a little stronger-willed to contain. Insulating the posts eliminates the problem of wet fur dissipating the correction, making it feel less intense. For the more “tender” breeds, the optional GentleFit™ Contact Posts are easy on your dog’s skin. They are an alternative to the standard insulated contact posts made of conductive plastic, smooth like our standard stainless steel contact posts to minimize friction, and have a low profile for a comfortable Pet-Friendly™ fit.

High Impact, Waterproof

The DogWatch receiver is durable and can take just about any abuse your pet can give. It is not just water resistant; it’s waterproof.  This means it can not only get wet but can also take a swim (submerged). So let them have fun and don’t worry.  The receiver can take it.

Automatic Shutdown

Pets don’t always make wise choices. What if your pet gets stuck in the signal field and can’t get free (e.g., the collar strap gets stuck on a branch, etc.) No worries. The DogWatch system is designed to automatically shut down in such a case to prevent your pet from being over-corrected and will reset once the dog leaves the signal field.

Lightning Protection

A DogWatch Hidden Fence comes standard with the very best lightning protection available. We ground your loop wires which provides external protection and keeps lightning away from your home. If lightning should get past the external protection, our internal protection suppresses the rest and protects against surges coming in through your house wiring.  


The electric dog fence can no longer work if you don’t have power, leaving your pet unprotected, right? Not so with our optional PowerPak accessory.  The PowerPak will provide at least 8 hours of protection if your power goes out. 

Loop Monitor

Know in an instant the moment your electric dog fence goes down with our Loop Monitor. This invaluable safety feature alerts you immediately when a breach in your fence occurs. 

Range Setting

You can easily adjust the signal range (the distance from the buried wire) to meet the needs of your pet or property configuration. For instance, you may want a larger signal distance if you have a larger property or fence-challenging pet and a smaller signal distance for a smaller property and/or non fence-challenging pet.   

Flexible Training Levels

You don’t need a Ph.D. to adjust any of the 20 unique options (plus audible only) available on a DogWatch Hidden Fence. It is very easy to reach that perfect-for-you setting without a service call and associated expenses. If you need help, though, it is only a phone call away. Remember, we’re local and care about your pet’s safety and proper containment.

Proven Training Program

We provide a proven training program customized for your pet and their unique personality. This includes learning the visual recognition of the boundary flags (area to avoid), what the warning tone (or vibration) is, what is expected of them when they hear it, and, of course, the unpleasant sensation that happens if they ignore the warning given and get too close to those bad flags. A stress-free experience for you and your pet is always the goal and of utmost importance.

Flexible, Affordable Containment Areas

Is your property mostly wooded? You may need to keep them in the backyard. Do you want to include a body of water? You wouldn’t mind keeping them out of the flower beds. All this and more is possible with an electric dog fence, which is more flexible and less expensive than a traditional fence. Remember, your pet cannot jump over or dig under an electric dog fence, and wooded areas don’t interfere with an electric dog fence signal. The signal goes where the wire goes.

Works for Cats (and more!)

Dogs are not the only pets that can benefit from a DogWatch Hidden Fence.  Our products are effective for cats, too!  So if you need your cat to stay home, out of the kids’ sandbox, off the counter, away from your new sofa, or out of the baby’s room give it a try! The beauty is that you can use the same system for cats and dogs.  Although not as common, we have also contained other pets as well such as pigs, goats, sheep, and chickens.  Read more

Lifetime Equipment Warranty

Companies will only extend a warranty on something they know is built to last.  That makes sense. With that thought in mind, we must be pretty sure that our equipment is up to the task by offering a no-nonsense Lifetime Limited Equipment Warranty on our ProFence system – including dog chews.  With a warranty such as this, the money you spend becomes an investment instead of an expense.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We are confident we are the best in the business, so we back it up with a 30-day money-back guarantee. We want to be sure you are happy with your purchase and, more importantly, your pet is safe!

Customized Containment Solutions

Let’s create a fence that’s perfect for your furry companion! We will take your specific requirements and design an electric dog fence that will keep your pet safe, secure, and happy at all times. With our customized solutions, no area is off-limits, so your pet can enjoy every inch of your yard without any worries. Check out our sample configurations below for some inspiration!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a hidden fence?

An electric dog fencing system, known as a hidden fence, utilizes a radio signal that runs through the buried wire to confine or restrict your dog within a designated area, such as a backyard, or to exclude it from certain areas, such as a garden, swimming pool, or patio. Furthermore, a hidden fence can establish indoor boundaries inside your home, preventing your pet from climbing onto furniture, entering a room, or approaching a kitchen counter. Hidden fences are frequently generically mislabeled as “invisible fences.” However, Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of the Invisible Fence Company.

Outdoor hidden pet fences are created by burying a ‘boundary wire’ several inches underground around your property. This wire transmits a harmless, low-level radio signal from a transmitter installed in your house or garage while your pet wears a lightweight, waterproof receiver collar that recognizes the radio signal. When your pet approaches the buried wire, the receiver collar emits an audible or vibration warning signal. If your pet continues beyond the warning signal, the receiver collar corrects them with a mild, safe stimulation. Your pet learns to recognize their boundaries through a training program and stops at the warning signal. Despite differences in product features, all hidden pet fences function similarly (DogWatch®, Invisible Fence®, and other fence brands.)

Indoor hidden fences follow a similar process. The hidden wire runs along bookshelves, below counter edges, or across doorways to create a containment area or ‘off-limits’ space. There are also ‘wireless’ indoor units that don’t need a boundary wire. To discover your options, please contact us.

The training is a crucial aspect of the process. After your electric dog fence installation, we will work alongside you to train your pet effectively. This training involves utilizing voice commands, warning signals from the receiver collar, and visual flags set up within your yard. Your pet will learn to identify and respect their containment boundaries through training. As your pet progresses, you will gradually remove the flags, every other one, every other day. If your pet disregards the warning signal and crosses into the correction zone, it will receive mild corrective stimulation from the receiver collar. This training helps to ensure that your pet will respect the warning signal, with the correctional stimulation only serving as the backup in case they “forget.”

We will happily guide you through the training process, providing detailed instructions and support. After the initial training period, your dog will attend a training session with you each day for approximately two weeks. Our team will work with you to develop a tailored training plan that meets your pet(s) ‘s specific needs.

Why, of course not! The collar’s stimulation is simply a minor inconvenience for your furry friend – it won’t scorch or harm them in any way. Think of it as a static shock, like the one you get from shuffling across the carpet in socks. Sure, it’s not pleasant, but it won’t cause any harm.

The cost associated with DogWatch® Hidden Fence systems is generally lower than traditional fencing. Prices will vary based on the appropriate system for your needs, the number of animals, property size, cuts through sidewalks and driveways, internal garden loops, and other factors. If you want to learn more about the options available, please don’t hesitate to contact us for a complimentary consultation and estimate.

In addition to being more cost-effective than traditional fences, hidden fences offer increased flexibility and secure containment. Rather than enclosing your pet in a yard, you can use the hidden fence to keep them away from pools, gardens, and driveways. These hidden fences also prevent pets from jumping over, chewing through, or digging under any regular fence. Plus, unlike traditional fences, hidden fences do not require painting and will last longer without worrying about deterioration.

Compared with dealer-installed brands such as Invisible Fence®, DogWatch® fencing products are generally priced similarly. Retail brands may appear less expensive at first glance. Still, they often do not include installation or training, which are crucial components of a working system. Additionally, retail brands may not offer ongoing support or a reliable warranty program. Dealer-installed products also tend to be of superior quality compared to retail brands.

People often confuse the DogWatch® Hidden Fence brand with the Invisible Fence®** brand, generically referring to it as an “invisible fence.” However, DogWatch stands separate from the Invisible Fence® company.

DogWatch ranks as the best pet containment product in the industry due to its exclusive safety and convenience features. These features include:

  • DogWatch is the only electric dog fence system with an FM radio frequency. All other pet containment systems use an AM radio frequency and are more vulnerable to irrelevant radio signals. Such signals can cause false corrections, even if your pet is nowhere near the buried wire. Note: DM (digital modulation) applies to both FM and AM signals and ALL hidden fences. DM is not a separate type of signal.
  • DogWatch’s receiver collar features a unique two-year battery life, an average of eight times longer than other brands, including the Invisible Fence® brand. Long battery life keeps your pet safe longer, saves costs, and is better for the environment.
  • DogWatch’s batteries are cheaper than Invisible Fence® and other brands. You also do not need to schedule a service call to change the settings or the battery on a DogWatch receiver. You can easily do that yourself. Think of the savings!
  • All DogWatch receiver collars have an easy-to-view status light. This light lets you know if the receiver is operating correctly, what training level you are on, the current battery level, and even “tattle tales” on your pet should they challenge their boundary. All that information from one little light!
  • DogWatch receiver collars have an audible-only (or vibration-only in some collars) feature that gently familiarizes dogs with the system during training.
  • DogWatch receiver collars have an appropriate training level, no matter if your pet is very timid or highly energetic. These training levels are easy to adjust and understand, plus you can change them yourself. With DogWatch, you don’t need to schedule a service call if your pet suddenly loses respect for his boundaries and requires more “persuasion” at the line. You can easily adjust the receiver collar yourself!

**”Invisible Fence®” is Radio Systems, Inc.’s registered trademark.

GPS fencing is a very new technology, and with that comes its share of disadvantages compared to its wired fencing counterpart, which has been in existence since 1973. Sure, you can track your dog should he/she get out of the boundary, but the name of the game is containment. If conditioned properly, they shouldn’t be getting out in the first place to utilize the tracking feature, so if they are, something is wrong. Below are some points to ponder.

  • Being dependent on a satellite signal poses its disadvantages. GPS coordinates can shift up to 16 feet at any time due to weather (rain fade) and other factors such as visible line of sight being blocked by trees, buildings etc. GPS fences are not recommended for small (because of the 16-foot margin of error) or heavily wooded properties (line of sight). With a wired fence, your fence is guaranteed to be where your wire is and nowhere else. The dog collar, especially the DogWatch receiver with its FM technology, never has to guess where your dog is. There are no algorithms for the “what if” scenarios. All the collar knows is whether it is in its signal field. If it is in the signal field, the collar gives the correction, and if it isn’t, it’s asleep, saving battery life. Pretty simple.
  • GPS fences rely on a map of your property similar to a Google map satellite view, which is a 2-dimensional view. If you were to pull up a satellite view of your property location and look at the map, you would not be able to see a hill or a slope. Being 2 dimensional, it simply can’t see it. Trying to make coordinates out of steep or sloping properties is very difficult for this reason and results in a lot of trial and error to get the coordinate just right. You can see how this could be a problem for a GPS system, knowing where your dog is with certainty. 
  • Some GPS models allow you to make “safe zones,” for example, around your house area.  They do this to combat the false corrections your pup could receive due to inferior AM technology, plus the dependency upon the satellite signal itself.  If the GPS receiver is confused by an incoming signal and unsure whether to activate it, as long as it is in the “safe zone,” it will not correct the dog. Unfortunately, the GPS receiver could also get this same signal outside the safe zone and unnecessarily correct the dog for no reason. This is why DogWatch developed and patented the FM receiver model in 2000. With FM technology, false corrections have become a thing of the past, and battery life has increased substantially.      
  • GPS receiver collars are constantly working, and battery life suffers dearly. This is why most GPS fences use a rechargeable battery model instead of a more reliable battery replacement model. Depending on the quality of the signal and the dog’s activity, these collars have to be recharged daily, sometimes more depending on how hard it has to work. Keep in mind that rechargeable batteries only have so many charge cycles.  Once that number is reached, the battery can no longer charge. Not being able to replace the battery with a fresh one renders the receiver collar useless and requires the purchase of a new collar. This vastly differs from having a lifetime warrantied receiver with a 2-year life span minimum and a replaceable battery, as in our ProFence receiver.
  • Because GPS collars have so many complicated processes to handle, they are typically big and bulky to accommodate all that technology. That is one reason they are unsuitable for dogs under 20 lbs. Compare that to our R7mini, which weighs only 1.1 ounces, or the weight of an AA battery.
  • To receive all the bells and whistles (and sometimes warranties), some GPS models require you to subscribe to monthly/yearly fees to get the full features. With DogWatch, you get a full-featured, warrantied product without caveats and conditions and no subscription fees.
  • If you need help, most GPS fencing customer support options are online only. Should you have a problem setting up or training a more challenging pup, you’re at the mercy of the person on the other end of the conversation. Are they qualified enough to help? Do they care? Most support agents read from a script: “When the dog does A, tell the customer to do B.”  Throw a more complicated scenario their way, and if they don’t have a script to read, they can’t help you. Compare that to a company that has been containing dogs for 20 years, has seen your property, has met you and your pup, and really cares and can tailor a solution to your specific problem as you would experience with DogWatch. 

Since 1990, DogWatch Inc. has been dedicated to providing pets with ultimate freedom. We are a privately owned company that places customer satisfaction at the forefront of our values. Our expert engineers are continuously researching and developing innovative ways to create the safest for your pet and the most user-friendly pet containment products for your home. Our products are designed, fully assembled, and thoroughly tested at our Massachusetts-based facility, committed to crafting only the best in the industry. If you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to let us know.


5 Adjustable Settings

The 5 adjustable settings include a vibration setting, 3 stimulation settings and a Progressive setting that begins with Vibration and gradually progresses from Low to High if the dog continues to pull.

Progressive Levels

When the dog pulls, the level of the vibration or stimulation (for that setting) gradually increases. When the dog stops pulling, the SideWalker resets to the lowest level for that setting.

Long-lasting Battery

The long-lasting, easy-to-recharge battery typically stays charged for several days.

Low battery indicator

Lets you know when it is time to recharge.

Lightweight, waterproof

Because dogs will be dogs.