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Whole Lotta Barking Goin' On?

Barking is a natural dog response.  They are just trying to communicate with us.  But, some dogs have a lot to say and are just a bit too chatty. If you have a motor-mouth then the BarkCollar can help you out.

Larger size bark collar for bigger dogs

Dog Training Collar BT-7

Product Features

The BarkCollar is designed to curb your dog’s barking behavior. When your dog barks too much, the BarkCollar will deliver a vibration or stimulation at a just the right level to distract your dog thereby breaking the barking pattern. 

The BarkCollar has 7 adjustable settings from low to high plus a vibration option added for good measure. It’s easy to find the perfect middle ground to help discipline your furry friend.  The vibration or stimulation will gradually increase within the selected setting if the dog continues chatting away.  When the barking stops, the collar resets.


BarkCollar Wireless Device
Collar strap – adjustable and comfortable
Battery charger
Multi-level short and long contact post
Owner’s Manual – breakdown of features and usage tips

The Sound of Silence

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the purpose of the BarkCollar?

The BarkCollar is used to reduce and eliminate excessive barking.

There are several variables that affect how quickly your dog’s behavior will change, most notably the personality of your dog, the frequency of things that trigger the barking and your dog’s tolerance for distraction when barking. Most dogs begin to understand the relationship between barking and the sensation from the vibration/stimulation after several activations of the collar. Barking behavior will diminish quickly in some dogs and more gradually in others. If there is no noticeable change after a reasonable trial period, check the collar to make sure the fit is good and the contact posts are the correct size. If collar fit is appropriate and the dog continues to bark, the BarkCollar setting should be increased one level.

The components in the BarkCollar are specified to operate from minus 25 degrees (F) to 125 degrees (F). A significant and rapid change in temperature may temporarily disrupt some of the BarkCollar functions until the device adjusts to the new temperature level.

The BarkCollar should be effective on dogs as small as 4 pounds.

We recommend waiting until the dog is 4-6 months old.



5 Adjustable Settings

The 5 adjustable settings include a vibration setting, 3 stimulation settings and a Progressive setting that begins with Vibration and gradually progresses from Low to High if the dog continues to pull.

Progressive Levels

When the dog pulls, the level of the vibration or stimulation (for that setting) gradually increases. When the dog stops pulling, the SideWalker resets to the lowest level for that setting.

Long-lasting Battery

The long-lasting, easy-to-recharge battery typically stays charged for several days.

Low battery indicator

Lets you know when it is time to recharge.

Lightweight, waterproof

Because dogs will be dogs.